Do you ever feel like you must be tied to your desk, typing away on your laptop endlessly in order to manage your social media accounts for your business? Well, that feeling ends today. You can still continue with your routine of social media management through the simplicity of your mobile phone! Instead of tying you down to your desktops, these social media management apps will open a new door for you, and you can access them whenever and wherever you are!

The world is at a faster pace now, and even so at your fingertips. Consumers are active on these online platforms, and that is exactly where you should promote your business to your target audience. Even when you’re out and about, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and manage your accounts through these helpful applications made available to you on your mobile devices. Stay in control of your marketing strategies and active campaigns, even when on the go. Besides, 91% of social media users prefer to access their favourite sites on their smartphones, so why not your business too?

These three mobile applications are good in their own way and stay within their niche. So let us take you through these life-changing applications that will help you manage your online presence from just a touch of a screen.

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Social Media Management


1. Facebook Business Suite

If you are a Facebook page administrator, then this app will be your knight in shining armour. A few of its benefits include:

  • Similar interface as the regular Facebook mobile app
    • Simply post content on your page from this app without any hassle as its primary focus is to allow you to update and manage your pages with ease. The main page itself provides you with insights on the pages that you manage and even lets you see the privacy and account settings.
    • Like, comment, and share any content that you have posted on your pages.
  • See the number of people who have viewed your content along with those who are talking about your brand.
  • Check which pages the list of admins have access to and which ones they don’t.

This metrics view can be very beneficial to your brand because it gives you the opportunity to track your performance even when you are away from your desk. This way, you can see what content you put out that does well and which one does not in order to improve your performance and align your content strategy with what your target audience desires from your brand. Everything is made easier for you, just at the tips of your fingers. It’s free of charge too!

2. Everypost


Everypost allows you to post on many of the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Perhaps this is why it is loved by social media and content marketing professionals so much. Here are a few of its benefits that might make your life just a tad bit easier:

  • The option of choosing which platform you would like to manage or post on, without actually going onto the app itself.
    • You don’t have to worry about accidentally posting the content on every single platform because of this option. Just need to make sure you click on the right one.
  • For Twitter, Everypost automatically shortens a tweet without making it look incomplete or irrelevant, so you don’t have to dig for extra brain juices just to push out a single tweet!
  • Schedule your posts at a designated time alongside the ability to customize your content according to the desired network.
    • You don’t have to worry about the hassle of going onto different platforms just to post the same content but in different formats. Schedule them all in one place from the get-go and worry less about the publishing deadlines that you have.

The downside is that Everypost does not have an analytics feature for you to track the performance of every post that you publish. Although it is not a fully free app and requires a paid subscription in order to unlock the tools of posting everything simultaneously across multiple platforms, it is still very useful and easy to use.

3. Mention


Discovery and analytics may be crucial in digital marketing, but brand monitoring is just as important. Mention is a social media and brand monitoring app that offers a great way to track your brand’s performance across the platforms that you use.

  • See how your brand is doing and how often it is being talked about using this app where you can simply search keywords related to your brand and find your answers. It will even send you real-time alerts whenever your brand is mentioned.
  • The app gives you the opportunity to carry out an emergency damage control and find potential leads for you.
  • It provides the number of mentions that your brand has and classifies them into positive, negative, and even neutral for your perusal and adjustments.
  • Easily track your brand’s reputation through real-time mentions and see what your target audience is saying. It gives you the space to find a new strategy for improvements when needed.
  • See the source of the mentions and respond directly from the app itself.
    • There’s no need for you to open multiple tabs or switch between applications in order to check and respond to the mentions you see.


With mobile phones being an essential item in everyone’s lives today, there is no doubt that you will need these apps for a smooth journey of handling your business on the go. It is important that you keep up the productivity and efficiency of your brand’s management by having these apps on your smartphone, ready to be managed at any given moment. You can track your performances, generate good content and even schedule your posts consistently to ensure that your audience is always engaging with your brand and pulling in potential customers. Not only will having these apps come in handy, but they will also give you the power of managing your social media platforms wherever you are without the need to feel slowed down or unproductive.

If you need help with managing your social media pages and find that these activities are becoming too complicated, there’s no need to worry. At Digitally.Asia, a digital transformation consultancy in Malaysia, we are trained and experienced in monitoring and crafting social media content as well as performances.

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