Did you know that your employees not only play a significant role in getting work done but are also vital in the play of social media engagement? They can be integrated into your marketing strategy and campaigns through the use of employee engagement programmes, built just for this very reason.

When you give them the opportunity to communicate and engage with your audience, this becomes beneficial to them and your company as a whole. There are several core achievements that you can reach with employee advocacy, and they include amplifying your brand’s reach, increasing its credibility, getting shorter sale cycles, building long-lasting relationships, and of course, employee engagement. It is also known that companies who allow their employees to engage with the audience are 202% more efficient than those who don’t.

Increase your brand’s bottom line and social media presence with an engaged workforce, constantly building relationships within the community that consists of your social media followers. It might start out just a tad bit difficult for the companies who are new to these engagement programmes, but it does not have to remain hard when there are applications built just for this action. One of these apps might be the perfect one for your brand and the journey towards building a good employee advocacy program along with the activities that need to be carried out.

Though there are numerous platforms with each offering its own set of benefits, here are our top three picks for the apps that will help you increase your employee engagement on social media.

3 Killer Apps for Your Brand’s Employee Engagement


You must have realised by now that most organizations out there, including your own, are increasing their engagement on social media in order to build their presence and become more known. After all, the world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram—and so much more—is not going anywhere anytime soon, and they will continue to be the main act of the digital marketing stage.

These social platforms provide your brand with access to the people that matter the most: your audience. No matter what your company does or sells, these are the people that will determine the success of your business as regular and potential customers alike can go through your social media pages in order to learn more about your brand and the products or services that you offer.

Here’s an example of how your employees can come into play— if they have an average of 1,090 social connections (and counting), you can make use of that to your brand’s advantage with the right methods and strategies. They (most probably) have five times more reach than your brand and the social followers of your employees are more likely to convert into paying customers because they trust your employees more than the scheduled advertising they see on their screens.

See? Your employees do play a significant role in increasing your social media reach. Help them to advocate for your brand, and you might just spread the word about your marketing campaigns to more than just your own audience.

To do that, you’re going to need the perfect tools to help you, and we’ve got three of the best apps for this purpose listed below just for you.

1. LinkedIn Elevate


There’s no doubt that you are well aware of LinkedIn’s impact on the professional world. After all, it is the world’s most preferred network when it comes to handling businesses and anything that is deemed professional. In 2015, LinkedIn introduced its employee advocacy program called LinkedIn Elevate, and it has since skyrocketed.

It is the perfect application for you to connect with other professionals and share your posts with a community that can resonate with your brand.

This app has three main features that will help you increase your brand awareness and employee engagement:

  • Content from LinkedIn
    • This tool offers a great algorithm that recommends content from LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle. This way, employees will be able to see the valuable content that is relevant to their interests. Why valuable, you may ask. Well, LinkedIn is a very reputable source, isn’t it? The content that they receive will carry value, and they will even receive recommendations for content based on their roles. This will make it easier for them to target audiences with specific content apart from helping them improve their employee engagement.
  • Sharing
    • LinkedIn Elevate eases employee sharing through their variety of desktop, Android, and iOs apps. This is to help your employees reach as many people as possible through posting when their audience is most active. Sure, this feature is pretty common among social media apps that you already know, but LinkedIn, as we know it, is a very powerful site. When you share your content at the right time, you might receive huge benefits in return.
  • Employee Adoption
    • This app also helps you track your employee adoption with ease as the platform aims to build a habit of sharing among employees alongside motivating them through built-in promotions. Not only that, but it also provides you with metrics such as profile views which can be your social proof and allow them to share more at the ready. Through LinkedIn insights, you can recognize your most social employees and regions which will then allow you to plan or change your strategy as you see fit.

2. Dynamic Signal


Whether you’ve heard about this platform before or not, it exists solely to help you increase your employee engagement. Dynamic Signal is an employee advocacy programme that focuses on employee engagement alone, and its platform called VoiceStorm is designed to give your employees the best possible experience.

This platform provides your employees with safe content to post or share on social media, so it is suitable for both beginners and professionals in the arena of employee advocacy and the program that entails. The following features of this platform might just help you start the employee engagement journey for your organisation!

  • Personalized Experience
    • Taking into account factors such as your employee’s role, location, interest, and seniority, VoiceStorm provides them with suitable content to ensure relevancy. This way, the head of the department will be able to monitor whatever content that the employees receive and even limit content from certain sources. They can choose whether they want their employees to receive only internal messages, third-party content, PDFs, videos, and more. Employees can also follow the company on various channels to stay up to date and alert on the latest news.
  • Real-time Notifications
    • How do you stay connected to your employees if not through sending messages that allow them to check real-time? Messages on different platforms can sometimes be missed or seen lately, but VoiceStorm ensures a constant connection between you and your employees by allowing you to send messages to either all of them or specific employees at once. You can send the messages through notifications, emails, or even text messages. This allows everyone to stay internally connected and up-to-date. You can even track who has read your message and check who it was delivered to.
  • Analysis
    • Just like the messages, employers can also keep track of everything that their employees are sharing. You can oversee the statistics related to the number of employees who are engaging, the number of views generated by the content, and even the interactions between your employees and your audience. You also have the authority to blacklist certain words or add automated disclosures in order to ensure that your employees are not posting out bad content. This eases a weight of your employees’ shoulders as well because they would not have to worry about stepping out of line when they are sharing content.

3. DrumUp


This app is by far the simplest one to use when it comes to employee advocacy. It is easy to turn your employees into advocates for your brand through this platform, and it also has a social media management app that can be integrated to produce the best content for you to share. Below are the top features of the platform for you to increase your employee engagement along with the benefits they can have on your business.

  • Keyword Based Content Creation
    • Based on your keywords and high-ranking reliable sources, DrumUp is able to provide you with fresh content on a daily basis. It will be interesting to you courtesy of its algorithm ensuring you get the most relevant recommendations. The ones that stand out to you can be shared to a common stream where your employees can be invited to access. Then they can share the content on their social media pages through the same platform, making them recognisable for providing valuable information.
  • Multiple Social Media Account Management
    • The app allows you to add several social media accounts to your dashboard which can be used by employees to broadcast content or company messages to bigger audiences. The more your employees share, the more likely they are going to start engaging with other users and build connections in order to expand your brand awareness. Besides, employees become more powerful in their own right, and they can be better ambassadors for your brand than outsiders do.
  • Advanced Scheduling
    • One of DrumUp’s best features is the scheduling options that it offers. Your employees can opt for automated content from the company’s feed, post curated content with a single click, or even completely customize the time of schedule for a certain post. They just need to add the social accounts that they want to the auto-posts and everything else will happen automatically after scheduling. It also gives your employees the option to create and share custom content of their own.

Having socially active employees will be good for your business as it spreads more brand awareness. After all, your employees know your brand more than other advocates do, and they will be able to curate content that they think best suits the brand.

Once you figure out what to do with your brand advocacy programme, carry the plan out in stages in order not to overwhelm your employees. Take your time to come up with the best strategy and start with small groups. Make sure that they understand the programme and are well-versed in the matter before expanding it to more employees. If you rush it, you might not get the results that you aim for.



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