Do you remember when you were little and you’d watch an advertisement for your favourite cereal brand on television, then the jingle would stick in your head for days on end? Maybe you’re walking in a supermarket and your eyes fall on rows of Tropicana Twister drinks, and the song immediately plays in your head from the numerous times you’ve heard it during commercial breaks. Traditional ways of marketing have their perks, with more effort being put into the advertisements in order to make the brand stay in a consumer’s mind.

In this day and age, however, we can see digital marketing agencies and advertising companies rise in the modern world due to the high demands of businesses who desire to build their strong presence on social media. This comes to show that social media itself has evolved in enormous ways, serving a multitude of daily purposes for people of any background rather than being a simple way of communicating and connecting with others. Jingles are still a thing, except they’re now done in more captivating ways.

How many times have you seen Korean pop stars singing a version of popular songs with the lyrics changed to fit a Shopee monthly sale? There’s no doubt that these new types of jingles are very addictive.

The future of social media is actively being talked about alongside its pros and cons, and no one knows for sure what that future holds. Well, unless you’re one of the creators of Black Mirror. Who knows, maybe one day humanity will be able to store a person in a machine full of memories the way the people in San Junipero do? Perhaps social media might even take a turn for the worse the way it does in Nosedive, splitting the insecure and the elite based on a single application that determines one’s worth.

Will there be advocates of the social media world that would create a single path or pattern for the rest of us to follow? Besides, social media as we know it is very segmented and varies from one application to another. It is impossible not to say that social media is highly valued through how profitable and practical it is, and the applications today, as we know it, are increasing their advantages from time to time.

The Expansion of Social Media and Digital Marketing


Having a presence on social media has become an important part of handling a business and reaching out to target audiences. Whether you are a small company or a large one, there is no doubt that in the global economy, the main goal to achieve is name recognition. When one recognizes a single brand by name and likes it, instant revenue can be generated regardless of the brand’s stage in the marketing life cycle.

If you look at McDonald’s, it is impossible to know a single person who has no idea what the brand’s tagline is even if English is not their first language. For Malaysians, we can see the advertisements for the brand being presented in Malay most of the time, whether it’s a static on your Instagram feed or a thirty-second video commercial in between YouTube videos. This proves that their online presence is strong and recognisable worldwide regardless of the languages that the brand is presented in.

Your reputation can lie in the content that you put out, especially in the digital world of social media marketing. When you produce content that has a long-lasting impact, carved into the brains of potential customers, you are building a strong presence for your business.

Content Strategy


Content—it is the pinnacle of every social networking service that you can find. If people like your content, they might even follow your page and then be able to see every post that you publish. Take into account that search engines are being redesigned to focus more on the content of a certain web page or a social media site, and this is where digital marketing comes into play. Strategies can be changed and adapted to target the channels in which potential customers focus on the product or service quality and content.

Word of mouth advertising is just as vital, if not more effective, as these traffic advertisements and content. The future of social media might even have businesses driving their potential customers online in order to join the existing customers as a method of sharing their personal experiences about the brand. This would be the word-of-mouth advertising of the digital world.

Take the brand “dUCk”, for example, a very successful Malaysian business run by Vivy Yusof. With their scarf brand The Duck Group having a total of 527k followers on their Instagram account alone, there is no doubt that their business skyrockets in terms of online marketing. By announcing new products and hosting promotions on their social media platforms, they are able to reach a larger audience and build more brand awareness.

There’s a chance that you can mention the brand dUCk to a friend, and they know very well what it is.

Know Your Audience


Using social media has its perks if you know how to play your cards right. A long-term strategy to identify your brand’s advocates across the social media platforms that you use is crucial to your business if you want to achieve the goals that you have set. You have to know your audience in order to cater your content around their interests and what grabs their attention the most.

For instance, if your target audience is of the younger generation, you need to be aware of their interests in videos with minimal duration. Gen Zs are more intrigued with perfectly crafted content on Tik Tok or Instagram Reels than they are with longer videos that explain too much for too long. Keep your content concise and exhilarating to grab their attention and leave them watching until the end instead of scrolling past it.



Social media is an ever-changing industry, and its future looks bright. Frame your social strategy and keep in mind the factors that would benefit both your brand and the consumers in order for you to achieve an optimum level of engagement and presence on the platforms that you choose to use. It is up to you to craft out content that is beneficial both ways, and not just for your own good. The future lies in our hands after all, so why not make the most out of it in the most positive way possible?

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